10 Awesome Apps for Grad Students

Whether you’re in your first or final year of graduate school, it’s normal to feel like your day is one huge juggling act. Between the endless meetings and lengthy reading assignments, you’re trying to find time to work on your thesis or dissertation, lockdown your work schedule and hit a happy hour every once in awhile.

The key to keeping it all together is organization–and, in the age of technology, that’s simplified by your mobile device. There are numerous apps on the market that will keep you on top of things. Here, The Daily Muse lists the best apps for graduate students:


Note-taking service Evernote allows you to sync your notes across devices. Say you wanted to snap a photo of an archived document on your smartphone; you can do so and expect to see the shot when you log in to your account via your laptop. When it comes to notes, you can organize them, tag them, edit them and view them at any time.


Who says you have to ditch your pen and pad? There’s an app that can bring you back to your classic-marble-composition-notebook-and-pen-set days. Easy-to-use handwriting app Penultimate will give you the experience of writing on paper with the elasticity of using a tablet. Just pick up a stylus and you’re good to go.

iStudiez Pro

If you need help prioritizing your assignments, this is the app for you. Syncing with your calendar, iStudiez helps you visualize your week and alerts you when assignments are almost due.

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