10 Good Reasons LeBron James Should Stay in the East

The word is out that LeBron James is exploring his options by backing out of his contract with the Miami Heat, but where will he go from here?

Will he go anywhere at all? While the Internets are going nuts and speculating about who King James will pair himself up with, the sports world is properly placing his move in context. After backing away from $20.5 million for the next season and $22.1 million in 2015-16, Akron’s own two-time NBA champion has some hefty options to juggle.

With James’ goal only to win championships, his free agency gives him an opportunity to see what team can offer the best chance at winning. As the San Antonio Spurs enjoy the success of being #1, we muse 10 reasons why “the Chosen One” will not leave the mired East Coast to join Kobe, Kevin Durant, or Damian Lillard in the West.

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