As you may already know, President Obama recently presented his plans to offer expanded programs in an effort to provide more extensive student loan relief. Among the proposed changes is a cap on monthly student loan payments at 10% of household income.

This is a welcome change for borrowers who are buried in debt.

Says, “Of borrowers who entered repayment in 2010, 14.7% defaulted within three years. Unsurprisingly, the default rate has been on the rise for years, and those who fail to pay face severe consequences, including poor credit scores and wage garnishment.” lists the states with the most federal student loan debt. How does your state compare?

Average Federal Student Loan Debt Per Borrower

10. New York – $25,911
9. Oregon — $26,232
8. Illinois — $26,291
7. Alabama — $26,357
6. Florida — $26,462
5. Virginia — $26,596
4. South Carolina — $26,882
3. Maryland – $27,977
2. Georgia – $29,087
1. District of Columbia – $38,151

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