10 Steps to Snag That Promotion

(Image: ThinkStock)

You’ve done stellar work, made friends in the office and even secured a sponsor who can vouch for you and your work. You’ve made sure you were a key part of bringing revenue to the company and you were able to show your distinct leadership and management skills. But what’s next?

What if you haven’t done any of the above, but you have your sights set on advancing? Brazen Careerist offers a 10-step strategy to help you get started on the path to promotion:

1. Find your passion.
2. Stay positive.
3. Turn negative feedback to your advantage.
4. Expand your skill set.
5. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
6. Take the initiative.
7. Don’t constantly play it safe.
8. Find a mentor.
9. Teach others..
10. Don’t expect what you don’t deserve.

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