2020Shift Knows You Need More Than Code for Tech Jobs

Technology jobs, in the very near future, are going to be about more than coding. [Related: ‘Disrupted’ Shows Age is the New Black in Silicon Valley] Employers increasingly want not only those with hard, technical skills but those who also possess “soft skills;” the ability to communicate and collaborate. Which is why 2020Shift, a startup dedicated to assisting young men and women of color in navigating the technical career world, has come up with a brilliant idea: a program called More Than Code. The program is a six-week training course focusing on digital marketing and UX/UI design to provide necessary skills to be competitive in the technology job market. Students will receive instruction on team-building, client work, and hands-on development training. They will also receive career coaching, one-on-one sessions with recruiters; Linkedin and resume support; and access to an employment network. 2020Shift has partnered with a number of influential companies for More Than Code, including co-working space Alley, and educational partners including Buffer, Techstars, and Pandora. “2020Shift understands that in order to diversify the tech economy we must teach underrepresented groups the skills they need to be successful in the industry,” says Ariel Lopez, chief executive, 2020Shift. “Our program is focused on providing participants with access to a curriculum tailored to market needs, instructors and mentors that look like them, and opportunities for professional development.” “We are thrilled to help more people transition into hybrid tech roles and are working with our partners to assist them in this process,” Lopez says. Tech staffing agency ISPOSSIBLE in Tech, is also lending its efforts to More Than Code by helping students with job readiness and placement opportunities. “Everyone is working to solve the diversity problem; unfortunately, so many proposed ‘solutions’ feel too farsighted, not providing any actionable change for 10-20 years,” says Tiffany Roesler, CEO, ISPOSSIBLE in Tech. “2020Shift can make a real difference within six weeks with More Than Code. These programs offer value to partners by creating a source to reach underrepresented minority candidates.” More Than Code courses are priced at $1495. Discounts and need-based scholarships are available. 2020Shift was co-founded by Lopez and Janel Martinez with the purpose of connecting underserved millennials (including blacks, women, and Hispanics) in tech with opportunities on the non-engineering side of tech and digital media.

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