3 Launchpad Products That Help Increase Productivity at Work

Like eBay’s Innovators Collective, which was launched earlier in 2015, Amazon has also recently unveiled its own marketplace, Launchpad, a store specifically geared at selling products created by startups.

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By partnering with Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, and Indiegogo, the Everything Store has sourced and vetted startups for the new site. Each startup on Launchpad has a product page where it can upload a product video and information about the startup. Startups on Launchpad will also be able to take pre-orders for products directly through Amazon, rather than on their company website, and Amazon will handle shipping logistics. Launchpad currently hosts 200 products in 15 categories, including Smart Keyless entry locks, Smartphone controlled paper airplanes and Wi-Fi pet treat dispensers. Joining Launchpad doesn’t cost startups anything upfront, just a commission on product sales.

While many products on Launchpad involve food, health and fitness, and home security devices, here are a few gadgets that would work great for offices and white collar professionals.

Awair: Smart Air Quality Monitor with LED display
Most people don’t realize that pollutant levels can be up to 10 times higher inside than outside. Poor indoor air quality has a direct impact on our health and productivity. For example, high concentrations of carbon dioxide are the major cause of “brain fog.”

The Awair Smart Air Quality Monitor uses a host of sensors to keep track of the air around you, including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, toxic chemicals, and dust. Whether you’re concerned about allergies and asthma or simply want to increase the humidity in your office, Awair uses a connected app and LED display to alert you when the air quality does not meet your intended preferences and make suggestions on how to achieve the desired environment. In the future, Awair plans to work with connected devices such as thermostats, HVACs, air purifiers and humidifiers, smart watches, fans, and much more in homes and offices to help maintain optimal air quality. Awair will not be released until October 2015, but pre-orders can be purchased for $169.00 on Amazon now.

Lumo Lift – Posture Coach and Activity Tracker

When you hold yourself in an open and upright position, you get a surge of hormones that make you feel and look more powerful, according to Amy Cuddy, creator of one of the most famous TEDTalks of all time “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.” Other research shows that great posture helps prevent backpain, lower stress, and helps you to become more productive.

The Lumo Lift, a discreet wearable device, is perfect for the white collar worker who sits in front of a computer day-in and day-out. After measuring angle displacement, it sends gentle vibrational reminders for your posture whenever you slouch. The gadget is able to track your posture, steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned through the companion iOS, Android, or Windows Lumo Lift app, which syncs wirelessly with select Bluetooth 4.0 equipped devices. It can be purchased on Amazon and shipped today for $79.99.

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