3 Quick Steps to Prep for Job-Seeking Boss Moves in 2014

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We all still know someone who is either out of work or looking for their next gig while working at their current one. The unemployment rate still remains high for minorities, and many young professionals are underemployed, biding their time at jobs where they have to downgrade their skill level or experience. For others, it’s not a negative time, just a time to move on to the next.

Whether it’s a promotion or simply a much-needed change, all of these types of job seekers are in somewhat of the same pool. Knowing this, here are three steps you can take today, before the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1, 2014, to ensure you’re ready to make those job-seeking boss moves in the new year.

1. Ensure that the stellar, real you matches the “you” on the Web. More and more employers and entrepreneurs are looking to the Web to verify and vet candidates they may want to work with or have work for them. You may be the best boss in real life, but does the Web reflect that. Go in now and update your professional and company Websites, as well as your social media profiles. Get active by engaging with people. Find ways to clean up your Web presence. And don’t forget to be authentic, organic and polite in your online networking.

2. Step up your efforts to be on the job-seeking radar. If you were only spending an hour or so when you feel like it to post or send resumes, get serious. Diversify your efforts and really go hard like a runner training for a marathon. Schedule time in your days, nights and weekends to invest in looking at what’s out there, what qualifications companies are looking for and sending out your resume. Also, schedule time for chats and coffee with key people in your industry. Attend end-of-the-year events and reconnect with the who’s who of your company or the company where you want to work. Again, be sure to be polite and authentic in doing so.

3. Get snatched. It’s nothing like feeling good and looking good. This may seem like something one shouldn’t have to remind themselves, as an adult, to do, but we all get busy, especially if you’re making boss moves, and sometimes the little details (like always having a well-fitting, steamed suit ready) can fall by the wayside. Take care of your look, your wardrobe and ultimately yourself. Throw in a workout after that Christmas and New Years dinner. Add an extra glass of water to your regime after those cocktails. Take on a new routine or start one today. It’ll do wonders for when its time to have those power meetings.

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