4 Ways to Improve Your App’s SEO

At my company, we are often asked for ways to improve an app’s ranking in the app store in order increase downloads. The truth is that there are two ways to gain a user base: a strong marketing strategy, and optimizing your app for search (i.e., App Store SEO). The first includes paying for PR, using third-party marketing platforms, and showcasing at local events, launch parties, etc. Unfortunately, this all comes at a cost. If you are one of the lucky ones who have the cash, then keep at it!

The second, for those who aren’t as fortunate, consists of guerrilla marketing efforts – on of which is improving the SEO of your app so it’s easier for customers to find in the Apple App Store. This article will cover ways to improve your app store SEO. Before we begin, let’s look briefly at the advantages of this method.
Why Consider App Store SEO?
The most logical answer is “Why not?” App Store SEO can play an important part in your guerrilla marketing strategy and costs you next to nothing. A basic overhaul only takes a few minutes of your time, and leads to immediate results. Before we share four key things to know, let’s summarize the advantages:

  • Great for those who don’t have a marketing budget
  • Easy to do and takes only a few minutes
  • Increases your app’s exposure within the store

4 Quick and Simple Things to Do to Improve Your App’s Ranking
1. Identify your keywords.

  • Do keyword research. Spend some time thinking about keywords that best categorize and describe your app.
  • Try using the singular version of a keyword, e.g. school not schools.
  • Use all the available characters if possible. Last we checked, you were given up to 100 characters. Use them all.
  • Localize your keywords for each given language.
  • Do not repeat the app name in your keywords.

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