5 Benefits Of Being An Older Intern

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With the economy being tumultuous and many still out of work finding alternatives for employment is a necessary step. For those seasoned individuals taking a job they may be overqualified for may now be the only viable option.

One position that many should consider is working as an intern. An internship as an experienced individual will make you more of an asset to the company and will keep you working within your industry. Madame Noire gives reasons this could be a wise career move.

1. You’re More Experienced
This isn’t your first time around. You know what to expect in an office setting and can avoid making some of the classic intern mistakes. (Can anyone say flip flops at work?) Your general know-how and inside knowledge of workplace culture will easily make you a go-to in the office.

2. You’re More Confident
This pro builds off of the previous one. Younger interns are generally afraid of making mistakes or being too assertive. Wisdom comes with years, and so does confidence. You don’t have time for games you know exactly what you want. Your confidence allows others to have confidence in you. Have an honest conversation with your supervisor and tell them want you’re looking to get out of this internship. They’ll respect your confidence and will keep you in mind for key projects that could help you get to that next step.

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