5 Good Reasons You’re a Prime Job Candidate … And Don’t Even Know It

(Image: Thinkstock)

It can be easy to look at the negative aspects of job-seeking, from the stress to the high unemployment rate to the seemingly ridiculous expectations of prospective employers. But there is a silver lining in it all. As a matter of fact, there are several.

Many job seekers have awesome qualities that are great to leverage during a job interview, and it’s vital to know what those qualities are. It’s best to know yourself and your strengths so that you can market your skills accordingly.

Take a look at five marketable aspects of your awesomeness that could led to job leads and employment gains, via Brazen Careerist:

1. You have multipotentiality: Basically, you possess an skill set that is above average, even exceptional.

2. You possess high sensitivity and perceptivity: The way you process sensory data is incredible.

3. You have an nsatiable appetite for knowledge: You are inquisitive, thoughtful and like to know the answers to questions or problems.

4. You’re a perfectionist: Your standards are high and when you care about something, you give it more than 100% effort.

5. You embrace entelechy: You have a need “to evolve and focus on your highest goals.”

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