5 Questions to Ask to Help Your Child Succeed in School

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Back to school season is in full swing. And if you’re a parent or caretaker of a young child, your daily goal is probably the same–help your child succeed at school so that they can be successful in their adult lives. To accomplish this, the US Department of Education in collaboration with America Achieves, National Council of La Raza, National PTA, and the United Negro College Fund, developed a new parent checklist. According to Ed.gov,the parent checklist includes questions and resources that parents and caregivers can use to help ensure their children are getting the education they deserve.

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Check out the “key questions” below that parents should ask their child’s educators:

Quality: Is my child getting a great education?

– How will you keep me informed about how my child is doing on a regular basis? How can we work together if my child falls behind?
– Is my child on grade level, and on track to be ready for college and a career? How do I know?

Ready for Success: Will my child be prepared to succeed in whatever comes next?

– How will you measure my child’s progress and ability in subjects including reading, math, science, the arts, social and emotional development, and other activities?
– How much time will my child spend preparing for and taking state and district tests? How will my child’s teacher and I know how to use the results to help my child make progress?

Great Teachers: Is my child engaged and learning every day?
– How do I know my child’s teachers are effective?
– How much time do teachers get to collaborate with one another?
– What kind of professional development is available to teachers here?

Read More: Ed.Gov. 
Do you have any questions to add to this list? How do you stay involved in your child’s education?

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