5 Reasons You’re Losing Sales and What to Do About It

There’s nothing worse than a leaky sales funnel. All the work (and resources) that go into getting someone to morph from a prospect to a lead, only to wither on the vine, makes many a marker burst into tears. Fortunately, funnel leaks are no longer just a part of the business. Well, they are, because there is no such thing as an airtight sales funnel these days.

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We’re going to look at five signs you might be losing sales through hairline fractures (or gaping holes) and identifying how you might be able to patch them.

You Have No Retargeting Ads

This is a really common problem a lot of companies have: they use all their social media ad spend, all their marketing energy and all their content generation time to get prospects to the landing page. They spend lots of time A/B testing and optimizing the copy, CTA copy and button style on the landing page. The result of this substantial investment of time and energy is a high conversion rate — let’s say 15 percent. That’s great, but what happens to the remaining 85 percent? On the spectrum of hairline fracture to gushing geyser of money, this is pretty close to the latter.

The solution is simple: retargeting ads. Let’s look at what you know so far:

  • Your prospect has landed on your landing page
  • They did not progress to the next stage of your sales funnel (let’s say it’s a product trial)

Those are the only things you absolutely know. Companies make the mistake of assuming that if someone bails on a landing page then their offering wasn’t for them and move on. Not so — it might be that they didn’t want the offer right then, that they were exploring other options at the same time and wanted to come back, that they were too busy, or that they didn’t understand the product and were looking for info (like a blog) rather than a sales pitch. There are lots of reasons someone might not buy but would still be interested in coming back to the funnel.

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