Is anyone going to let up in the social media back-and-forth between Teairra Mari and 50 Cent? It may not seem like it to some, because the two have been sending shots at each other since Mari’s revenge porn case against 50 was thrown out.

In 2018 Mari sued her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad, as well as 50, after she said Abdul-Ahad got into her Instagram account and posted a sexually explicit video. 50 then shared a still of that clip, which is why he was also mentioned in the suit.

But after it was thrown out, a judge ordered the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star to pay 50 $30,618 in legal fees, and he’s been demanding his money by calling the 31-year-old out of her name and serving her with court papers.

Mari hasn’t shown any signs of intimidation, however, and she shot back by calling 50 a police informant among other things.

The last time Mari sent 50 a shot was on March 25 when she posted a photo of herself wearing a shirt that says “Ain’t Got It,” which has become her typical response whenever Fif demands his money.

Then on Thursday (April 4) the two added brand new seasonings to their beef with more disses. 50, for one, posted a photo of Mari and created a makeshift wanted poster like she was a criminal.

“Wanted,” it read. “Be on the look out for this little dirt bag.”

He also captioned the photo and brought up his other enemy Floyd Mayweather.

“You can not out run the law,” wrote the rapper. “I want my money dirt Bag.🤨call Floyd then he will help you.”

On the same day, Mari posted an old photo of 50 holding Mayweather’s many championship boxing belts when they were still friends.

“GREAT NEWS!!!” she wrote next to the picture. “@50cent I spoke to @floydmayweather He said you can be his belt boy again 🥊 IF you behave yourself and carry his jock strap on your head..Sheriff Curtis  #IaintGotit 🤷‍♀️ #GETTHESTRAPON #GETHISJOCKSTRAP.”

The new insults sparked plenty of talk among the two celebs’ respective followers, and some seemed entertained by the back-and-forth while others didn’t care for it.

“Ppl that really think this funny 🤦‍♀️pathetic a grown man bullying a woman,” someone wrote under 50’s post.

“Lol 50 u ain’t giving up for sh-t,” a second person commented.

Meanwhile, on Mari’s page:

“she must want some attention, why would she even go there with him?” someone asked.

“I love you for standing your ground Queen 🤣” another told Mari.

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