6 Ways To Take Your Career To The Next Level

There’s an army of super skilled and talented people changing the world right now, so if you’re an entrepreneur or employee looking to take your career to the next level— never get complacent.

Chances are you’ve gathered a following by creating and providing consistent communication, products or services. And, people have begun to put you into categories: the problem solver, go-getter, connector, innovator, etc.–So now what?

Sometimes minor adjustments or simple changes to your network can spark next level thinking. Surrounding yourself with people who don’t have the same background as you or don’t think like you can subsequently produce game changing power moves.

One thing is for sure, nothing ever changes until we realize we have the power within to take action. Here are six ways to advance your career and position yourself for next level success:

1. Tell your story. I always say people buy into people not corporations. Have you experienced a setback in your life or career, but you managed to bounce back from adversity? Or maybe you have experienced an “aha moment” that led you to start a new company or get promoted? Turn your personal story into a speaking platform and become a person of influence that empowers people to change. Whenever you can inject something personal into your communications, you build emotional relationships and a sense of loyalty with your audience.

To get started, volunteer for speaking opportunities at your office, with professional organizations or universities. Then turn your audience into paying clients and let your brand story take center stage with speaking engagements.

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