Malaysia Pargo is showing off a decidedly covered-up look on her Instagram now, but that hasn’t stopped fans from gushing over her appearance.

The star of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” rocked a white turtleneck crop top and black jeans that just touched the tops of her knee-length boots. Pargo’s look was completed by a gray cardigan that she rolled up the sleeves of.

malaysia pargo
Malaysia Pargo. (@malaysiainthecity/Instagram)

“Today I choose Faith over Fear,” read Pargo’s photo caption.

Fear certainly was not a factor for her fans either. They eagerly delighted over the usually scantily-clad star’s more conservative appearance.

“A look”


“I love this look. Almost thought you were Gabrielle Union Wade”


“Come thru!!”

“Stepping girl

Pargo’s outfit still managed to tantalize fans despite her not exposing much of her body. A similarly covered get-up resulted in fanfare too when the reality TV star rocked an ankle-length, long-sleeved tiger print dress last week.

“Like Tony said in scarface you a Tiger

“Sexy stay fly ass baddie luv you lots @malaysiainthecity 🥂 work that dress

“Watch EM SIS!!!

Of course, Pargo also knows how to get her fans hot and bothered by baring more of her figure.

Over the summer Pargo was not covering up her curves as she waded through a pool in a color block one-piece swimsuit that hugged her from top to bottom.

“Thank God for the because Them thighs gonna spark ⚡ all kinds of ways.”

“In water on land walking out the water to the land Damn Damn Damn.”

“Yasss miss Lay, come thru huntay

It seems the star is largely lying low and staying busy with pals in the months since “Basketball Wives” aired its latest season. During the 16-episode set, Pargo largely remained out of the drama. The one time she did come close to resorting to violence stemmed from a clash with Jackie Christie.

Pargo confronted Christie during a skating rink party over rumors that Christie played a part in spreading. The claim was that Pargo could not afford the home she had in Los Angeles.

“This is not a f–king joking matter,” Pargo repeatedly tells Christie, who attempts to evade the issue that Jennifer Williams blabbed about to her friend.

“You made a motherf–king drastic mistake!” Christie yelled as she stood in Pargo’s face. “I told you they’re lying! They’re f–king lying!”

However, the two managed not to come to blows after being pulled apart from each other.

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