Man was made simply with straightforward needs and basic desires.  They don’t need much to be happy.  However, women are more complicated so they often forget the basic needs a man has.

Men become unhappy to the point they want to find someone that will make them happy again.  If you want to win your husband’s heart back after losing him, you’re going to need to know what he needs.

As surprising as it may seem men don’t generally leave for a shallow reason like “She just wasn’t attractive to me anymore” as many women tend think.  In fact, they leave for a rather justified reason.  When asked by a counselor why a man left a relationship, all men had the same general response: “I just couldn’t make her happy anymore.”  Would you believe it?  Honestly, this is a good response and you can’t get mad if a guy left you for this reason because some of the blame falls on you for not letting him know he made you happy.

That is the reason why most men leave a relationship.  On the basis that he couldn’t make you happy anymore, he figured the best thing to do would be to move on so someone else could make you happy instead.

He would then be able to go out and find someone else to make him happy.  Happiness is the core in relationships.  Even if things are tough, as long as happiness exists, both parties can survive anything in a relationship.

Since men are simple, when they see that they make their partner happy, they will be able to push them through everything else.  Men will stick through all sorts of relationship adversity but as long as a man can see he makes his partner happy he will stick through it.

It’s not a matter of tricks to get his attention but rather it’s a matter of showing him that he makes you happy.  He needs to see you glow again.  You have to be obvious because men don’t like hints.  Being happy is the key.


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