Rumor has it Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the front runner for the male lead in Godzilla. 

While Johnson isn’t yet a household name, he’s been making waves recently with his roles in Oliver Stone’s Savages, Oscar nominated Anna Karenina, Kick-Ass and just wrapped Kick Ass 2. Per, the role is Johnson’s…if he wants it. Initially, 2012’s golden boy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, was considered for the role, however he turned it down for a role in Sin City 2. Looks like producers are really gunning for an actor with a hyphenated last name, eh?

Johnson hasn’t officially signed on to the production quite yet, he’s waiting to see Frank Darabont’s rewrite of the script. I’m intrigued by the idea of a Godzilla movie that isn’t terribly dubbed, but still apprehensive if re-making this movie is a good idea. Johnson is playing his cards right by waiting to see the finalized script before he makes any decisions. He wouldn’t want to be involved in any epic movie failures, like his Savages co-star Taylor Kitsch. Kitsch starred in John Carter and Battleship – both of which flopped hard at the box office.

It’s just a matter of time (and a revised script) until Johnson decides if he’s going to battle Godzilla, or move on to the next evil monster.

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