Bobby Womack has beat cancer, twice, and now the soul-singing icon says he’s ready to get back on the road.

“They keep telling me one step at a time, one day at a time—but I am planning on going around the world and letting these people know what soul singing really was about,” he said.  “Because I have the energy and the vocals to put it on. They deserve to know it, they don’t have to read it in a history book.”

Womack is gearing up to release his latest album entitled “The Bravest Man in the Universe,” a collaboration with Damon Albarn, creator of the band Gorillaz. Considering what he has been through, that album title is very appropriate. “You know, I had prostate cancer, then they got rid of that and discovered I had colon cancer,” said Womack in an interview with NPR. “Then after that my lungs completely shut down and they had to put me on a machine and I was out in a coma for 10 days. Then after that I had walking pneumonia—twice. So there’s only so much the body can take.”

With a laundry list of illnesses like that, Womack’s doctors understandably wanted the music veteran to take a break. “I want to go back to work, but the doctor says, ‘Man, you’ve got to rest 10 days and not do NOTHING.’ He said, ‘Because we done lost you,’ and he said, ‘it’s a miracle you’re walking around.’”

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