Ellen DeGeneres names new CoverGirl Alexis HarrisThe Ellen CoverGirl contest winner is 18-year old Alexis Harris. Last year, Ellen DeGeneres helped Talia Castellano, a 13-year-old aspiring make-up artist battling cancer, become an honorary CoverGirl. So the giant make-up corporation collaborated with Ms. DeGeneres to find the next lucky CoverGirl.

The Emmy-Award winning talk show host conducted a nation wide search for an ambassador for CoverGirl, receiving almost 20,000 applicants. Each applicant was asked to submit a short description along with a video, detailing why they should be the next face of one of the most well known cosmetics company. After considering many factors with each contestant, Ellen announced that Ms. Harris had won during a live taping of her show.

In addition to being named the newest face of the CoverGirl, Alexis Harris is $20,000 richer as the honor comes with a cash prize as well.

So, who is Ms. Harris? She described her life in her video submission to Ellen. As one of four kids to a single mother, Alexis described the selfless, kind-hearted and independent spirit she got from watching the trials and tribulations of her mother. Of her situation with her father, Harris said, “I honestly don’t remember the last time I talked to my father. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. To me, that’s helped my family stay so close.”

She continued, “my mom is in the military; she’s very selfless in the sacrifices she made for her children. She’s been such a positive inspiration to me. If I could give her anything it would definitely be financial stability.”

Showcasing her selfless spirit, the young Ms. Harris has founded the SMILE project. SMILE stands for Students Making Impacts Alexis Harris wins Ellen Show contestin Lives Everywhere. For almost a year, Alexis has organized food, clothing and winter coat drives in the name of her foundation. She credits Ellen with inspiring her to begin a foundation that will benefit the community and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

When awarding Harris with the title of newest CoverGirl, DeGeneres said, “You represent everything we were looking for. To be your age and to be more concerned about helping other people,”…”That’s exactly what we were looking for, beauty inside and out.”

When asked how it felt to be the next CoverGirl chosen by Ellen, the teen said, “Amazing…it’s unbelievable. It means the world to me.”

Next up for Alexis is the chance to participate in an exclusive photo shoot with the talk show host, who has been a CoverGirl since 2009.

Congratulations to Ms. Alexis Harris on being the newest CoverGirl!

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