Algeria, a Vibrant North African Tourist Destination

Algeria stands out as one of the largest territorial countries in the African continent. The landscape of Algeria consists of highlands such as mountains even in the coastal region, and extensive desert known as the Sahara at the southern part o the country. Algeria is a North African country that shares its coastal shores with the Mediterranean Sea.

Algiers is the capital city of Algeria, and it has over two million people living within it. It is the center of economic, political, and social affairs of the country. Algeria acts as a conducive tourist destination in North Africa. It has numerous tourist attractions in form of world-recognized heritage sites, significant landmarks, the local lifestyle, the unique architectural design, and the wildlife.

Entering Algeria from a country abroad is possible by air, train, and ferries.. There are many airlines that serve Algeria with international flight services from different parts of the world namely: Paris, London, Frankfurt, New York, Montreal, Doha, Beijing, Brussels, Dubai, Moscow, Madrid, Montreal, Berlin, Geneva, Istanbul, Cairo, Barcelona, Rome, and Tripoli among many other places of connections to Algeria throughout the world. The airlines that can get out to Algeria are Lufthansa, British Airways, Iberia, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Alitalia, Air Berlin, TAP Portugal, and the national carrier, which is Air Algerie.

Residents in neighboring Tunisia can use train transport service to reach Algeria. The Tunisian border with Algeria is also a convenient way of entering into Algeria. The Algerie ferries charge more highly than the flight charges for fling into Algeria. The ferries connect Algeria with adjacent ports in Spain, France, and Italy.

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