Amanda Seales Called Out For Defending Shaun King Against Samaria Rice

Amanda Seales was issued a few reads on Twitter after she interjected herself into Samaria Rice and Shaun King’s feud.

King became a trending topic this week after he was called out by Tamir Rice’s mom on Instagram. In a lengthy statement shared online, Samaria accused Shaun of being a “white man trying to be Black” and profiting off her son’s death without her approval, NY Post reports.

While Shaun has remained silent on Samaria’s shade, one person who came to his defense was none other than outspoken actress/comedian Amanda Seales. After the story was reported on by The Shaderoom Thursday, she hopped into their comments offering her two cents on the matter.

“It’s no secret that i have sideyed SK. However, bigger picture, nobody finds it somewhat odd that she’s just, out the blue, going out of her way, and being given EVERY platform, with no receipts shown, to “call out,” one by one, black activists/organizers that have been the visible faces of the movement? Just food for thought,” she wrote, as noted by Shine My Crown.

But not everyone was on the same side of the fence as Amanda was on this sensitive topic. Considering that Samaria has been speaking out against popular activists only as it relates to the tragic death of her 12-year-old son, many found Amanda’s stance to be insensitive to Samaria’s ongoing fight for justice for Tamir Rice.

“Were you planning to ask Shaun King and these other “activists” to provide receipts showing the donations went to the right recipients? Since you care so much about receipts,” one Twitter user said while tagging Amanda to screenshots of her controversial comment.

“That woman has every right to speak on anything anyone using her son’s name does and she doesn’t need receipts,” added someone else. “That’s her child. She didn’t ask anyone to make him the face of a movement or to act on his behalf. WTF is wrong with Amanda Seales? (that’s a rhetorical question)”

“I was soooo confused by her comment,” someone else tweeted. “Like what? How is this out of the blue when everytime Ms. Rice spoke it was after an incident had occurred. Tamika performed on that awards show, she spoke out. SK did an interview, she spoke out. When does “out of the blue” come into play?”

It looks like Amanda might want to read the room next time before offering her unsolicited opinion on a delicate situation.

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