Amber Rose revealed something for the first time during a newly released interview: She was a drug dealer at one point in her life.

It was in her younger days when Amber was still a resident of Philadelphia, and at first she tried to be a full-on dealer but was stopped by the other corner workers. Amber said they just wouldn’t allow her to do it, because she’s a woman and far too good-looking.

“You know, I tried selling drugs. I tried selling crack in my neighborhood, and they were like ‘No,'” she told TMZ’s Van Lathan. “They said I was going to get robbed. I was a girl, and I was too pretty and it wasn’t going to happen. So what I did is, I would bag up the crack rocks for them, and they would throw me some money.”

Amber then said if she received backlash about her past it would be a double standard, since a lot of famous men who’ve revealed the same thing get praised.

“Rappers always get the pass of, like, ‘Oh, I had to sell drugs to feed my daughter. I had to sell drugs to feed my family,'” she explained. “When it comes to me, do I have to give you this story for you to understand? Like, it’s been nine years since I’ve been famous. I’ve never told that to nobody.”

In another part of the sit-down, Amber was asked why she always dates famous men. The way she sees it, they have too much to lose and won’t wrong her. Some of the men Amber dated in the past include Kanye West and 21 Savage, and she was once married to Wiz Khalifa, whom she has a son with.

“The guy that works at Starbucks is probably amazing, but will he steal from me? I don’t know,” she asked. “He really doesn’t have much to lose.”

You can see that portion of the interview below and the part about her drug dealing past above.


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