be news Another soccer match in Italy between AC Milan and Roma was suspended Sunday due to racist chants from the crowd against a black player, CNN reports.

Milan’s Mario Balotelli was subjected to constant racist taunting by visiting fans from Roma throughout the match, until a referee stopped the game in the second half to warn the crowd via the public address system.

After some delay, the match continued, but Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri later said the official’s decision was not strong enough.

“In my opinion, there’s only one solution to racism in a stadium and that’s to suspend the match,” Allegri said on Milan’s website.

This is hardly the first time the racism in Italian soccer has been on display. In February, not long after Balotelli was acquired by Milan, the Vice President of the team referred to him with a racial slur. And in January, Kevin-Prince Boateng, a Ghanaian member of Italy’s AC Milan team, was so fed up with racism on the soccer field in a game against Pro Patria, he walked off the field and his teammates followed him.


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