Samsung Galaxy S 4

It seems like it was only yesterday when Samsung enthusiasts and industry experts alike were so excited with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The anticipation and excitement may not have even died down yet and here is the Korean manufacturer gearing up to launch the latest smartphone to hit the market, the Samsung Galaxy S4. To give you an idea of just how major the occasion will be, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have its own launching event. It won’t be announced during the Mobile World Congress, just like what other companies are planning to do, but rather, the unveiling will be dedicated to the device, a proof that the Galaxy S series is the strongest Android brand today.

The much-awaited unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to have caught quite a snag as processor problems are rumored to be causing the delay in its release. Power management issues could be responsible for the problems faced by the Snapdragon processor manufactured by Qualcomm, according to tech blog, Barron’s. S4 will apparently be powered by Snapdragon 600, clocked at 1.9 Ghz, instead of initial reports stating that the flagship device will carry the eight-core Exynos 5 Octa, Samsung’s own and latest innovation. The chipset with two quad-core processors might be a little too much for the handset as reports say that it may have caused overheating issues which led to Samsung switching to Snapdragon 600 instead.

Just like its predecessor, S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature S Health, the Korean company’s native health app which was quietly introduced in S3…

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