Apple CEO Celebrates In San Francisco Pride Parade

Tim Cook WWDC
Apple CEO Tim Cook is an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights. (Image: Apple)

Last weekend was the 44th Annual San Francisco Pride Parade, celebrating LGBT pride in California.

Apple participated in the parade, bringing out its own banner and spreading #ApplePride on Twitter and Instagram. One Apple employee in particular also showed his support: CEO Tim Cook.

While Cook didn’t participate in the actual march, according to Reuters, he did come out to show his support of Apple employees celebrating Pride Day.

Cook is no stranger to the LGBT community, and is very outspoken on the topic of human rights and LGBT rights. On Friday’s CNBC “Squawk On The Street” segment, co-anchor Simon Hobbs made the claim that Cook had come out as gay, though it was quickly dismissed by New York Times columnist James B. Stewart, who did not want to speculate about the sexuality of Cook.

Cook himself hasn’t come forward announcing whether he himself is gay, though OUT magazine included him in their list of most powerful people in the LGBT community.

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