Apple Debuts New iPhone SE, Smaller iPad Pro and More, at Last Town Hall

At the Apple event on Monday, a new lineup of products was announced, as well as iOS 9.3 and its new features. Apple CEO Time Cook also said this would be the last Town Hall event Apple would hold at its current Cupertino campus. The company is slated to move to a new site next year.

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Cook first introduced Lisa Jackson, the environment director at Apple. Jackson is one of the few top African American executives at top tech companies in the Silicon Valley. She presented a slew of new environmental initiatives from Apple, including a new product recycling program for customers to return Apple products and a robot named Liam, which can remove components and materials from Apple devices for reuse and recycling.

A new 4-inch iPhone SE was also announced. The new phone shown at the event has an aluminum design with an elegant rose-gold finish as well as the stainless steel Apple logo embossed on its casing.

The new iPhone SE’s specs include the Apple A9 chip; the same processor that is in the iPhone 6S. The phone also features hands-free Siri, battery improvements, a 12MP iSight camera, support for Live Photos, 4k video, and 802.11ac Wifi, as well as Bluetooth, Apple Pay, and more LTE bands for better call roaming.

The new iPhone starts at $399 for 16 GB. Apple will start taking orders on March 24 and the phone will begin shipping on March 31.

A new iPad Pro was unveiled. It has a 9.7-inch retina display and weighs less than a pound. It has all the same functionality as the larger iPad Pro. The new iPad Pro’s starting price is $500 for 32 GB.

iOS 9.3 was available as of Monday and has several new features including Night Shift–which uses an iOS device’s geolocation to pinpoint when sunset occurs and then adjust the lighting of the display so as not to interfere with the device owner’s sleep.

iOS apps including Health, News, and Notes all have updates in iOS 9.3. Apple also announced that every major car dealer has made a commitment to start integrating Apple CarPlay into their vehicles.

New colors and a new woven nylon band are being released for the Apple Watch. Tim Cook said that the Apple Watch is now the top selling smartwatch. To keep its adoption momentum going, the Apple Watch, as of Monday, has a starting price of $299.99.

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