Are You Single? Facebook Adds button to ‘Ask’ for Relationship Status

There’s a new status update from the social media website, Facebook. A new feature allows users to scope out whether a person is dating someone or has a significant other.

Facebook has reportedly added an ‘Ask’ feature which allows curious users to determine whether or not a person is single.

Users can now ask each other if they are single or not by clicking on the new tab.

The ‘Ask’ option pops up when you click on a profile and the person’s page doesn’t have a relationship status entered or they have privacy settings restricting users from viewing their relationship status.

Users are also given the opportunity to explain why they’re interested.

The request works by sending a message saying, “Hello! I am wondering about your relationship,” which shows up on your Facebook page.

According to the Metro, The new option is getting very mixed reviews.

Critics think it’s a step too far.

Others think it’s a convenient tool to learn more about a “friend” or potential date.

Facebook tells Black Enterprise, “This feature provides an easy way for friends to ask you for information that’s not already on your profile. For example, a friend could ask where you work or for your hometown. If you choose to answer, this information is then added to your profile. By default, only you and your friend can see it, and you also have the option of sharing it with others, too.”

The new feature has reportedly been available to users on mobile and web for a few months now  regarding information such as hometown, workplace, college, book/music recommendations, etc.

Facebook also tells Black Enterprise they “recently began testing the ‘ask’ button on relationship statuses in select countries, including the U.S.”

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