That’s the question we asked three of our staff members here at Black Enterprise to think about during this season of giving thanks, on the cusp of winter break, and during first semester finals week at many colleges and universities.

Are you thankful for yours? Were the four years of reading, writing (and re-writing) papers, pulling all-nighters, dealing with roommates from hell, suffering uninspired professors, and missing home cooking worth it? Did your education open doors of opportunity and employment, or do you regret the time you invested or find your resulting debt too crushing? Let us know in the comments below.

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Kyle Allman, vice president of multimedia sales

BESmart College – Kyle Allman-SD from Black Enterprise on Vimeo.

Kali Wilder, research editor

BESmart College – Kali Wilder-SD from Sonja Mack on Vimeo.

Todd Chapman, associate art director

BESmart College – Todd Chapman-SD(1) from Sonja Mack on Vimeo.


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