trinaAfter learning her brother was fatally shot on 91st Street in Northwest Miami Tuesday morning, police have finally arrested a man suspected of murdering rapper Trina’s brother, Wilbert Bain.

According to, 27-year-old Rob Dobson is currently facing second-degree murder, and was being held in Miami’s Dade County without bail as of Wednesday morning. Neighbors told Miami’s NBC 6 that Bain and Dobson were friends, and lived just around the corner from each other.

“After [Rob] was read his Miranda rights, [he] confessed to his involvement in the victim’s death, the affidavit said,” reports Bain’s sister, along with many neighboring friends and family are extremely saddened by his death. “He was a very good kid,” Rev. Gary Johnson said of Bain. “It’s unfortunate. It’s a terrible tragedy.”


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