At A Career Crossroad? Here Are 7 Key Questions to Consider

Throughout one’s career journey there will be ups, downs, transitions and total changes. When a professional reaches a crossroad, it can be difficult to decide the best path to take. One wrong move could impact one’s professional advancement tremendously—good or bad.

So, how do you know whether you’re making a right turn? What determines whether the choice you make will take you to the next level or ten steps backward.

Cash Forshee, a healthcare technology professional, shares her personal story of having to make tough choices in her career. “Staring down my late 20s, I had already faced a fair share of these complicated decisions,” she writes for Brazen Careerist. “One of the most recent came three years after college graduation. I was 25, leading an internal sales consultancy at a publicly traded company. I was fairly happy, well-paid and had opportunities rare for someone my age. Even though I wasn’t looking for a new job, I received an offer to work for a small healthcare startup.”

Forshee goes on to share seven questions that helped her make a pivotal professional move that can help any millennial in doing the same:

1. Does it motivate you to learn something new?
2. Does it push you to learn something about yourself?
3. Does it scare you, just a little?
4. Does it scare your friends and family, just a little more?
5. Does it change the way you evaluate success?
6. Will it surround you with passionate people?
7. Does it excite you to talk about it?

These questions will help you evaluate, along with mentors and advisers, the best decision to make.

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