Atlanta Falcons Whipped by Cincinnati Bengals in Preseason Opener

Bengals Falcons

The Cincinnati Bengals were too much for the Atlanta Falcons to handle in the team’s first preseason open.

Two new Bengals players, Giovani Bernard and Josh Johnson have established themselves as offensive tools that may help Cincinnati in the regular season.

Bernard scored as he shared carries running the ball and Johnson led two second-quarter touchdown drives, which helped Cincinnati steamroll the Atlanta Falcons 34-10 Thursday night.

“We’ll complement each other really well,” Bernard said. “I think people got a little taste of it tonight.”

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis said he was impressed by the performance of his players.

“I was impressed overall with what he did out there,” said Bengals coach Marvin Lewis of Johnson. “We know he can make plays with his legs, but throwing the ball is how a quarterback has to make a living in this league, and it was a real nice play to Brandon Tate.”

The Cincinnati Bengals went 10-6 last season. They are trying to get over the hump after suffering their second straight loss in the first round of the playoffs. Their last playoff win came back in the 1990 season.

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