B.E. Sports Biz: Here is a List of the 8 Biggest Winners of Super Bowl XLVIII

Did Richard Sherman just have the best week ever?

Here are eight big winners from Super Bowl Sunday. Our data is not exactly scientific. But four days removed from the Super Bowl seemed a solid amount of time to gauge just how much impact these newsmakers made during this week’s big game.

1. Michael Strahan — Not only did Strahan, one of the most famous faces on all of television, help host the entire football world in the city where he won a Super Bowl with the Giants, he was named to this year’s class in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Canton-bound, Strahan was his usual solid self in front of the camera Sunday — standing in nicely with the loss of Terry Bradshaw who went home after the loss of his father.

Writes SI’s Richard Dietsch: “Strahan, who was originally assigned to work the Super Bowl red carpet coverage, assumed Bradshaw’s place on the pregame show with pregame regulars Curt Menefee, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson and Jay Glazer. Strahan handled the postgame trophy presentation coverage (Bradshaw was missed here) and Chris Myers replaced Strahan for the red carpet segment with Fox Sports 1’s Charissa Thompson.”

2. Percy Harvin — Harvin’s kickoff return at the beginning of the third quarter was a reminder to fans everywhere who criticized his six-year, $64 million contract why he makes what he makes. Sure, he only played a handful of snaps all year, but then again, when healthy, Harvin is one of a few players who can change a game in an instant. Writes Forbes’ Darren Heitner: “The former Florida Gators wide receiver only participated in one game and nineteen snaps; however, he spent the time necessary to get healthy enough to play in the Super Bowl. His performance was nothing short of sensational and those who once questioned the Seahawks’ decision to spend money on Harvin have been quieted for the moment.”

3. Russell Wilson — Wilson had barely dried off from his postgame shower when his management presumably was fielding calls from the Late Show with David Letterman and a special invite from Jay Z and Beyonce.

4. FOX Sports — Fox A-team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman did a solid job calling the game despite a blowout by the dominant Seahawks. Of course, it was the most-watched television program in television history.

5. Bruno. Mars.


6. Pam Oliver — Day in and day out, Oliver is the consummate pro. That was on a very obvious and grand display last Sunday night. No matter the level of criticism levied against her appearance Fox is very, very lucky to have her.

7. Richard Sherman — Has a defensive player not named Deion Sanders made a bigger leap to marketability in the history of the league?

8. Malcolm Smith — That’s Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith to you, forevermore. It’s worth towards hundreds of thousands for future appearances, speaking engagements and the like. That’s a lot of free golf and steak when his playing days are over.

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