Raynell Steward, otherwise known as Supa Cent, has one message for her social media followers: Stop with all the financial advice already.

On Black Friday, Steward made headlines after her cosmetic company Crayon Case earned $1 million in sales in a relatively short period. On December 17, she broke the Guinness World record for her toy giveaway.  But the success has come with certain annoyances, one of them being that people keep asking her for help and telling her how to spend her money.

Raynell "Supa Cent" Steward told people to stop telling her what to do with her money.

“Alright look,” she said on Instagram. “Don’t tell me what to do with my money. I do with my money what I want to do with my money. Don’t tell me what to donate, don’t tell me what to participate in, don’t tell me what to orchestrate. See the problem is, y’all feel like only people with large platforms are able to do stuff. You can do it too.”

“Don’t tell me to do nothing you ain’t doing,” added Steward. “Don’t tell me to do something y’all ain’t never done. Giving back ain’t just for people with money.”

She also talked about a request from a woman, who said her friend has five kids and lost her job. So the New Orleans native had a question for that woman: How come you don’t help your friend instead of asking others for assistance?

On top of that, Steward encouraged people to start a movement on their own social media page instead of telling her to create one on her’s and if they do that, she just may participate. But the event or charity will have to get going first.

“I got things going on too,” she explained. “You do it. Why you expecting other people to do stuff?”

You can see Steward’s video below.

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Y’all expect too much outta people with large platforms. Giving back is a blessing but they don’t have to do it!! Y’all try to MAKE people spend they money on things that don’t have nothing to do with them. Things that y’all never did in your life. Some of the biggest movements started from people with small followings. You wanna start something than start at. Stop begging your favorite rappers, actors, and influencers to start something you want. It start with yourself. You got niggas taking pictures with money telling me I should be giving back more than just toys. Don’t critique what I’m doing if you ain’t doing half of what I’m doing! Nobody never satisfied. I don’t let nobody MAKE me give or do nothing. I do what I want. When I want and why I want to and I have no problem telling a Bih NO!

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