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On Oct. 1, Black Enterprise and Walmart hosted the 20/20 Vision Forum in Atlanta. The forum provided valuable information to entrepreneurs on the topic of supplier diversity. The forum was created by Black Enterprise with Walmart to educate, encourage, and empower audience members to become full participants in wealth creation within the global community.

Throughout the forum, leaders and CEOs of major corporations such as VMS365, Sole de Frio, GLS Distributors-Wallace Pork Skins, and Walmart taught entrepreneurs tips on how to prepare themselves and their ventures to form profitable partnerships with large corporations as a part of their supply chain. Activities in the forum included a seminar on building and banking relationships, learning how to progress from local to national distribution, and an extended question and answer session with the Editor in Chief of Black Enterprise. There was also a panel of speakers, and two information sessions conversing on the subject of tenant leasing and on service and non-resale supplies.

Black Enterprise also discussed how to make better use of your technology for your business, innovation, sustainability and scaling up and from being part of a small team with small partners to obtaining big ideas and big innovation. Core topics also included ways to grow your company, how to use sustainability as a business strategy, among much more. A Walmart Supplier and Regional Manager also touched on partnering, scaling, manufacturing, and financing your business. The forum ended with closing remarks from Earl “Butch” Graves Jr., President and CEO of Black Enterprise, where he was quoted saying, “We have to find ways to merge and grow. Corporate America wants to do business with less people, not more.”

Check out updates from the event below:

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