Black Enterprise Driving Innovation Hackathon Day 2 Morning Recap

black enterprise hackathon 4Black Enterprise and Toyota stayed up late in the Driving Innovation Hackathon to keep track of our team of hackers and coders who were taking their best environmental ideas and making them a reality in a 24-hour timespan.

Throughout the night hackers stayed up to hack, slept in their chairs, and voiced their ideas for solutions to implementation problems.

With app submission time looming closer at 10AM, they were committed–the ones that were awake, at least–to finishing on time.

And after a hearty breakfast, the teams were refreshed and putting the finishing touches on their apps.

The four teams described their apps right before the submission.

Viza is a data-driven, decision making app that uses a more mature gamification aspect to encourage environmentally conscious decision-making that will save money and give you points on a community-driven leaderboard.

To encourage green choices, users are given coupons and rewards for being eco-friendly.

Greenbux Trivia is an augmented reality gaming app that empowers small minority businesses and community networks to make lifestyle choices while they walk around and discover their neighborhood.

With every question answered, the app brings them closer to their goal at a physical location.

Startup Boss is an app that entices potential black business owners to start a business based on their personality.

With classifications like hacker, hustler, and hipster, the app customizes the business creation process based on your answers. It encourages environmentally friendly concepts like going green by saving paperless.

Elnerdo is a Mario-style platform game where you control the titular character and help him vanquish the pollution-producing enemies.

You can collect leaves and stomp on garbage villains to transform the level into a more eco-friendly place.

Black Enterprise will post a recap of the entire event, so be sure to check in tomorrow for a full rundown of the event complete with a victor and the runner ups! You can support the event by tweeting #DrivingInnovation.

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