This is NOT the first altercation or video with this officer! The link at the bottom of this info is the second altercation with this officer! Which started After a guy (not on camera) asked if we could take a group picture with the sign, and the cop "went off on him" was a dick and was talking to him like he was a dog. This video started after the cop thru up what looked to be a Black power sign as the man with the state flag was walking off. (This can be seen in the first video of the second altercation.) By the cop doing this it also drew in more people to record.We cant block the entrance but you can? The whole road was blocked off! no one was able to visit YOUR museum anyways.After he couldn't remove them from the side walk,.. his only fallback was they couldn't block the entrance.Here is another video that better explains what led up to this video. video is on.

Posted by Chris Blount on Saturday, February 10, 2018


A Mississippi officer is back on the job less than a day after he was fired for confronting a group of Confederate flag wavers in front of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.

Capitol Police confirmed Wednesday that Officer Wardell Jackson, 57, was rehired, the Clarion-Ledger reported. He’s suspended until next Monday, however.

“I did my job,” Jackson said. “I kept them off property. Now I’m being punished.”

Video of the incident was posted to Facebook this weekend after a group called the “Delta Flaggers” showed up to protest at the museum. They became upset after Jackson refused to let them take a picture holding the flags in front of the museum sign, according to the newspaper. From there, things escalated.

One of the men then asked if he could stand atop the brick sign for the museum, to which Jackson responded, “Hell no” and told the man to take his “ass” back across the street.

“Sir, sir, stop acting the fool, and get over there off the sidewalk,” the officer is heard saying.

Rep. Kathy Sykes (D-Jackson) told the Clarion-Ledger that African-Americans hold the local museum in high regard and that to wave Confederate battle flags around it is “almost like desecration.”

“Hopefully in the future, our employees won’t be subject to harassment on their job,” Sykes added.

Although Jackson has been reinstated, the veteran officer will now be working the midnight shift.

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