‘Bloop’: Kimbella Vanderhee Gets a Ring, Fans Use it to Poke Fun at Her Longtime Rival Chrissy Lampkin

Kimbella Vanderhee recently became engaged to the love of her life, and fans made sure Chrissy Lampkin was completely aware of the news.

Vanderhee and her fiancé Juelz Santana have been in bliss every since the rapper proposed to his longtime girlfriend on Friday, Nov. 23, at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. The pair have been together for nine years and share two children. Both Vanderhee and Santana have broadcasted their special moment all over social media, and the wife-to-be wrote in a now deleted Instagram post, “We’ve been together since 2009, next year will make 10 years. Ladies if that’s the man you want & love you will wait however long if the love is real!”

Kimbella Vanderhee
Juelz Santana proposed onstage to Kimbella Vanderhee on Thanksgiving Day(left), leading fans to compare their relationship with that of Santana’s fellow Dipset artist Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin. (photo credit: Instagram)

Nevertheless, folks are using Vanderhee’s engagement to clown her “Love and Hip Hop” archnemesis whom she physically fought in 2011, Lampkin, and her ongoing baeship with rapper Jim Jones. Lampkin and the Dipset musician have been together for more than 12 years, and the couple have yet to tie the knot. Jones asked for Lampkin’s hand in marriage in 2012 after she originally proposed to the rapper in 2011. However, it’s been almost six years since fans have heard anything about their wedding plans, and the couple were just featured on We TV’s “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition” earlier this year.

On the other hand, social media has been going in on Lampkin by saying Vanderhee “got a ring before” she did.

“Y’all talking bout Kimbella and juelz but ain’t said shit bout Chrissy & Jim 🤣.”

“Dipset the kings of stringing women along Chrissy proposed to Jim like 10 yrs ago, still no wedding, Juelz just now proposing to Kimbella after 10 yrs.”

“Damn Kimbella still got a ring before Chrissy did smh.”

“Yo Chrissy Kimbella bout to get married before you do .”

“Damn Chrissy and Jim been together hella long but she ain’t got a ring like Kimbella!”

Vanderhee and Santana have yet to announced a date for their wedding.

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