Bobbi Kristina slams cissy houston memoirBobbi-Kristina slams new book, Remembering Whitney, by grandma Cissy Houston. Mrs. Houston penned a book recalling her life after the tragic passing of her world-famous daughter Whitney Houston. Bobbi-Kristina is upset about her grandma telling her side of what happened after her mom passed; as well as throwing her dad, Bobby Brown, under the bus. She’s said that the new book is “disrespectful,” and told her Twitter followers that she will not be reading the book.

From her Twitter, Bobbi-Kristina says: ‘I find it 2B Disrespect2MYMOTHER & me being HERDAUGHTER won’t tolerate it. I LOVEYOUALL for your support though & I thank you immensely••xO!’

Bobbi-Kris’s sometimes boyfriend and alleged adopted brother Nick Gordon responded to her claim that she would not read the book by tweeting, ‘you already know everything so y would you be expected to read it?’ She responded,  ‘My point exactly• #DIFFERENCEiS…’

In Remembering Whitney, the grieving mom, Cissy, details the fateful moment she discovered her daughter was found dead: “That was the moment my life shattered. I don’t know what I did or said after that. I was told later that I screamed so loudly that the whole building must have heard me, but my mind was absolute blank, except for one thought – that my baby had gone.”

Certainly many people can relate to her overwhelming loss, as we all were stunned at Whitney’s untimely death.

If the book was just about about her grandma’s grief after the death of her daughter, then Bobbi’s outrage would not be justified. However, she slams the new book because there’s more…

Cissy’s grief is not the only thing mentioned in the book. Bobbi-Kristina’s boycott more than likely stems from the veiled attacks against her father, Bobby Brown. In one instance, her grandma recalls an incident that occurred between Whitney and Bobby that left her daughter permanently scarred.

Grandma Houston reported that Bobbi-Kristina’s dad accidentally harmed her daughter on a cruise he took with her in the Bobbi Kristina Slams new book by grandma Houstonsummer of 1997. Back then, people noticed that Whitney had a pretty sizable gash on her ordinarily flawless face. While plastic surgery made the injury less noticeable, Cissy never forgot how that accident happened.

Apparently, Bobbi-Kris’s parents told Grandma Houston that the incident occurred as a result of Bobby’s raging temper. During a heated argument, he angrily smashed some China that was on a table. A piece of the broken China bounced up and hit Whitney, carving a cut that was a full two inches long into her face.

That doesn’t paint her father in the best light. Not at all. However, is that story enough of a reason for Whitney’s daughter to feud with her grandma; especially if it’s true?

Enough has taken place with this family in the last few years that one might think they would put differences aside and try to mend fences for the sake of unity. The aspiring singer seems to be an out-of-control girl who might be following in her mother’s footsteps…in more ways than one. Cissy has admitted to being concerned for her granddaughter. Might it have been a better effort for her to reach out to Bobbi-Kris to help her instead of slandering her father and doing a press tour for her new book?

What do you think? Should Bobbi-Kristina be upset with her grandma for airing dirty laundry? Or is Cissy Houston on the right track with this book? More importantly, do you intend to read it?

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