Bored With the Same Old Workout Routine? Try 3 Fun Fitness Classes in NYC

You’ve been working out consistently, then suddenly you stop. Maybe you’ve reached a weight loss plateau, or maybe you’re just bored with the same old cardio routine. Whatever your reason is for bringing your workout to a screeching halt, New York City offers a variety of fun and exciting fitness classes.

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Women’s Boxing
Teresa Scott is the founder of the Women’s World of Boxing, Inc., “a for-profit organization designed to provide women with a safe, comfortable, and uplifting environment to learn the sport.” As a NYC-based certified USA boxing coach she provides group and/or private training that begins with WWB’s ‘Boxing Mechanics’ – an in-depth training session including your natural body movement, proper punching technique, proper movement while punching, and basic defense.

Aquacycling in Tribeca
Are you ready for a CrossFit challenge in 4 feet of water? The aquacycling studio in the heart of Tribeca offers a variety of workouts that help you develop physical strength, mental focus, and even give you a full mind-body experience from the healing principles of water. And aquacycling has a partnership with maternity maven Latham Thomas, the founder of Mama Glow, which offers the ideal combination of a gentle aquacycling cardio workout and a nurturing yoga practice for moms-to-be or new moms. The studio also offers men-only and women-only classes.

Kukuwa® African Dance Workout
Explore Africa through dance at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. According to the website, the “Kukuwa® African Dance Workout is not only a workout, it’s an education and journey one experiences each time they move their boombsey. The workout has you immediately moving your arms, waist, legs, and hips to a blend of Central, East, South, West, and North African rhythms. It will take you on an exotic African expedition pumping FUN through your veins, burning crazy calories and sweating buckets. Kukuwa African Dance energy adds living flavor to your workout, nourishing both body and soul. You can burn up to 1,000 calories within one 60-minute Kukuwa class. It is open to all dance fitness levels.”

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