Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Tommie Lee appears to still be getting to the money although she remains behind bars.

The 34-year-old mother was taken back to jail in October for physically assaulting her daughter at a Georgia middle school and violating a court order that demanded she stay away from the child. She was booked without bail, but she seemingly hinted on Instagram last week that she’ll be released some time in 2019.

Tommie Lee
(photo credit: Tommie’s Instagram)

It was reported that the reality star may be experiencing financial woes after asking fans on Nov. 18 to send her money on Smart Deposit.Com. However, Lee appeared to silence rumors of financial hardships on Thursday after posting an advertisement of Black Friday sale. Celebrities who promote other companies’ products are given a percentage of money as compensation.

The Instagram caption for the Black Friday sale read, “@mybillionairelifestyle Black Friday SALE starts now! 30% off PLUS a FREE chain with your order! Use code BLACKFRIDAY18 at checkout!”

Fans in the comments said Lee was still making money and “boss” moves despite her being locked away in the slammer.

“Boss b**ch! Promo from the pen! They could never.”

“Hustling while LOCKED. I need a female like you Tommie.”

“Nothing’s gonna Stop my girl from getting her NOPE!! I hope you’re Well (considering the situation)  @tommiee_ .”

“Getting the bag same way  get that commissary money sis..”

“Yeaaaaaassss bitccccccchhhhhh🤣.”

“Lmao needa make them coins in jail – I see you sis.”

Although there have been several critics who’ve deemed the 34-year-old mother a child abuser, others have jumped to her defense.

One fan wrote, “Y’all all judging her,& dont even no the situation . Mf’s feed too much into social media & judge tf outta people without even knowing real facts. Stop being quick to jump on people’s page judging as if y’all living perfect.”

The star has been charged with felony aggravated assault, simple battery, first-degree child cruelty and disruption of public schools.

Check out Lee’s Black Friday promotional video posted:

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