‘Bourne Legacy’ Overtakes ‘Dark Knight Rises’, But Takes In Less Than Original Projections

Universal’s domestic weekend estimate for #1 The Bourne Legacy keeps dropping, from $48M midday Friday to $44M last night to now $41M this morning. And Friday’s figure has fallen from $15M to $14M. Which is cause for concern. Especially for a reboot that cost $125+M, is opening much lower than the last two original Bourne movies with Matt Damon, and has a star like Jeremy Renner without a proven track record at the international box office. Although the studio went into this weekend lowballing expectations around $35M, the real figure Universal wanted was $40M-$45M.

Warner Bros’ #2 The Campaign also lowered its Friday opener from $11M to $10.2M, which puts its weekend estimate at $26.8M. The studio’s #3 The Dark Knight Rises dipped slightly to $5.6M and an estmated weekend of  $19.7M. Sony Pictures’ midweek newcomer Hope Springs drops to a weekend estimate of $14.0M and cume of $18.5M after revising Friday’s figure down to $4.6M.

Source: Deadline

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