Brandon Lloyd Helping Youngters Make Better Financial Choices

New England Patriots wide receiver  Brandon Lloyd has always managed his money wisely and now he’s trying to impart that message to others, especially those in the NFL.

“You give a 22-year-old millions of dollars, [they’re] going to make really poor decisions,” Lloyd recently told Yahoo! Sports. “When you make adult decisions, you need to be prepared to support them financially.”

Lloyd now speaks on behalf of Money XLive, a program of the National Financial Educators Council.

“Here’s how you balance a checkbook — here’s how you write a business plan,” Lloyd said of the topics he covers with young students. “This is what a mutual fund is, and this is how it works. It’s such a kick-start for life, and I really hope I can be a lightning rod for some of these kids.”

Read more about Lloyd’s work and watch a video at Yahoo Sports.

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