Bruce Hornsby has put the finishing touches on his soundtrack to the Spike Lee film Red Hook Summer, which will be released by 40 Acres and a Mule and opens in New York City August 10 and nationally on August 24th.  The self-produced soundtrack consists primarily of Hornsby’s distinctively evocative original instrumental solo piano compositions with two vocal tracks also included.  Through a partnership with 429 Records, Hornsby will release the soundtrack as a 90 day Amazon digital exclusive beginning July 31st, followed by a wide release of both the physical and digital album.

Red Hook Summer,  Hornsby’s second project for 429 Records, follows up 2011’s Bride of the Noisemakers—a 2CD collection of 25 handpicked songs recorded live on tour in various venues between 2007 and 2009.  The American singer, pianist, accordion player and songwriter has nurtured a highly respected repertoire, drawing freely from the musical worlds of classical, jazz, bluegrass, folk, Motown, rock and blues.  This diversity is reflected in his songwriting and the seamless improvisations of his creative live performances.

Red Hook Summer is a film written and directed by Spike Lee. The film will be released on August 10th by 40 Acres and a Mule.  The story is centered on Flik Royale, a thirteen year old boy from Atlanta who is sent to live with his preacher grandfather, Da Good Bishop Enoch Rouse.  Spike Lee will reprise his role as Mookie, the main character from his 1989 film Do the Right Thing.

Red Hook Summer Track Listing:

1) Boiler Room
2) Gospel Camp
3) Claus Ligeti
4) Song E (flat)
5) Arc de Terre
6) Camp Variation
7) Sordid Pastime
8) Hymn In C (instrumental)
9) Ogerman
10) MNF
11) Arc de Terre (live)
12) Ogerman (live)
13) Spirit Climbing (Hornsby on vocals)
14) Hymn In C (Hornsby on vocals)


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