Career Killers: 3 Personalities to Keep Out of Your Circle

(Image: Thinkstock)

For young professionals, the desire to grow and excel is always there, but we sometimes wonder what’s the one thing that’s holding us back. Well, it could be your circle of friends and associates. Below are three personalities you should avoid to ensure you reach your full professional potential:

1. Debbie Downer: When the spotlight should be on you for your accomplishment, this is the person who interferes and knows how to put a damper on your celebration. They rarely ever see the good in things, and rather than uplifting your spirits, they find a million and one reasons to make you feel like at the end of the day there’s really nothing to celebrate. Slowly—or even quickly—distance yourself from her.

2. Ned Naysayer: He’s the first to tell you not to switch careers, not to go after your old boss’ position or not to take that new job because according to him, he’s been there, done that. If things didn’t work in his favor, there’s no way you’ll have a shot at a different outcome, right? Wrong. Keep in mind, everyone’s career path and experiences are different, so ignore those who think they know it all and go after your goals fearlessly and confidently.

3. Hood Helen: We all have that one friend—whether we’ve known them forever or just met them—who has those around-the-way manners they can’t seem to shake. They’re cool to hang out with at a bar and on the weekends, but at networking events and professional gatherings they can be an embarrassment. They don’t know when to turn the professionalism up. It’s important to draw the line on where you guys hang out. Keep in mind that you don’t want the company you keep to cause you to miss out on an opportunity for advancement.

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