Cha-Ching! Shonda Rhimes Extends Netflix Deal For Five Years And Scores “Significant” Raise

After delivering the blockbuster hit Bridgerton to Netflix as part of their 2017 deal, Shonda Rhimes has decided to extend her partnership with the streaming giant and received a nice payout.

On July 8th, Rhimas and Netflix decided to extend their deal for another five years, as noted by The Hollywood Reporter. In return, the Scandal creator scored a “significant” raise. The hope is for Rhimes New Regency franchise to create new revenue streams for the popular streaming platform.

Those with information about the deal say Rhimes received a nice pay increase from the $100 million to $150 million she landed as part of their initial pact four years ago. Sources say Rhimes could potentially be raking in the $300 million to $400 million that super-producers like Ryan Murphy and Greg Berlanti bring in.

Talk about breaking the glass ceiling. It’s said that Rhimes’ team began contract negotiations with Netlfix earlier this year after seeing all the fanfare that her scripted series Bridgerton received. The hit series garnered over 82 million streams from Netflix users who watched at least two minutes of the series starring  Regé-Jean Page.

Rhimes released a statement on Saturday confirming the big news, Digital Spy reports.

“When Ted [Sarandos, Netflix CEO] and I decided to break the traditional network TV business model to move Shondaland to Netflix, we were both taking a leap into the unknown,” Rhimes ssaid.

“Today, Shondaland at Netflix is creatively thriving, profitable as an asset and engaging audiences around the world with stories that fearlessly challenge viewers and keep them highly entertained all at once.”

Bridgerton has already been renewed for season four and another Rhimes-created spinoff is in the works. Now it’s said that Rhimes’ success on Netflix has put pressure on Ryan Murphy, creator of hit shows such as Glee and American Horror Story, who landed a $300 million deal with Netflix but has yet to release a breakout hit like Bridgerton.

“Netflix wishes that Ryan did stuff that felt more special,” one agency source said. “He makes noise but none of the shows are sticky.”

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