Charlie Sheen is returning to the big screens. The Hollywood star has been cast in Machete Kills as the President of the United States. Both Sheen and Robert Rodriguez announced the casting on their Twitter pages.

“I just cast Charlie Sheen in #machetekills as the President of the United States! Who better? More soon..” Rodriguez tweeted along with posted photo of himself and Sheen. Sheen later retweeted Rodringez’s post along with a comment of him saying, “My fellow Americans.”

Machete Kills is centered on a cartel leader who is an arms dealer. In the film, the U.S. government tries to desperately put stop to him. Danny Trejo is playing the former Mexican federales who disgraced the agency by turning into a cartel criminal.

Rodringez recently expressed that he want to direct the film solo. In the original Machete movie, he directed the film alongside Ethan Maniquis.

“There’s so much of it that I want to direct I’ll probably end up directing the whole thing,” Rodriguez said. “But if I have to step off, I’m going to try and shoot all of the actors and all of the main sequences. But it’s such a fun movie, and it just came out even more fun than I could have imagined.”

“I feel like I really need to do it,” he continued. “It’s so subjective I feel like I really need to get in there and do it. It’s just a lot of fun; it’s a really cool concept, and I think it takes it to another level in a way that’s compelling for me to go and do it myself.”

Production for Machete Kills has started this month and will continue for the next few months.

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