Chris Brown fakes community service Chris Brown Lied? –  Allegations are flying that Chris Brown possibly lied about his community service hours and dates as new evidence elude to an elaborate coverup.

Chris Brown may have pushed his luck too far this time.

The R&B star probably thought he would never have to come face to face with Rihanna beating case again, but investigators are claiming Brown lied about completing his community service duties that were ordered to him after the incident in 2009.

TMZ reported that the L.A. County District Attorney has filed legal documents accusing Breezy of submitting fake community service records.

At the time Bryan T. Norwood, the Chief of Police in Richmond, VA., wrote a letter to the judge in Browns’ case claiming that the R&B bad boy had completed 202 day of community service although he was only required to complete 180.

While fans were impressed with the “Don’t Judge Me” crooner going above and beyond the call of duty, others were suspicious of the claims and upon closer investigation their doubts indeed have some credibility behind them.

Some of the dates listed line up with dates that Brown was either on tour, or on a flight – meaning he couldn’t possibly be picking up trash or washing windows like he said he was.

Chris Brown community service fraud One of the documents claimed Brown was picking up trash in Virginia when the star was really boarding a private jet on his way to Cancun. Investigators felt that one lie was a sign of many more to come so they began digging deeper into the matter.

Their investigation revealed that Rihanna’s former flame may have been able to fake the community service thanks to help from his mother and the police chief himself.

TMZ reported that Richmond P.D. admitted that the tatted up crooner was only supervised on “9 or 10 occasions,” but all the other dates in the paper work had not been supervised by anyone other than Breezy’s mother.

The D.A. found it fishy that most of Brown’s service took place at the Tappahannock Children’s Center where his mother used to be a director. To this day, she still owns a pair of keys to gain access to the facilities as well.

So why would the police not to a better job of overseeing the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer? It was all an inside plot between Brown’s lawyer and the police chief.

Chris Brown never did community service from Rihann case Court documents revealed that Chris’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, told Richmond P.D. how to “handle” the D.A investigator’s questions if they inquired about the singer’s community service.

Meanwhile, Geragos told the 23-year-old’s probation officer that there was a court order demanding for the overseeing of Brown’s community service to be the police chief’s responsibility and not the probation departments.

Needless to say, there was actually no such order. It was also later discovered that the “Look At Me Now” rapper had a previous relationship with the Chief of Police which may be yet another reason the Chief of Police was willing to go along with the entire scheme.

At one point the claims of the Chris faking the documents was merely circumstantial, but the D.A later uncovered a witness to the plot.

The man who is actually in charge of waxing the floors at the children’s center claimed he had been the only one waxing the floors – and he always has been for the past three years.

The web of lies is certainly being undone and the D.A. is hoping the courts will reject Brown’s possibly fraudulent community service hour documents and force him to make up the time in L.A. County.


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