Clive Owens 'Blue Angel'

Clive Owens mumbles his way to another leading role in the Richard Levine adaptation of Francine Prose’s Blue Angel.

In the film, Owens will be playing a disinterested college professor and former novelist whose life is re-energized by a gifted young writing student.

Prose describes the plot as a “psychological roller coaster ride between sex, seduction and emotional manipulation.” A more detailed and official plot breakdown follows:

It has been years since Swenson, a professor in a New England creative writing program, has published a novel. It’s been even longer since any of his students have shown promise. Enter Angela Argo, a pierced, tattooed student with a rare talent for writing. Angela is just the thing Swenson needs. And, better yet, she wants his help. But, as we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions…

Owens may be known from other projects such as Inside Man, Children of Men, Killer Elite and Shoot em Up. Check back for more updates on Blue Angel in the future.


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