Record-setting temperatures from the heat wave sweeping the nation have gone down but remain in the 90s.

Forecasters expect cooler air to blow across the eastern side of the country and then head southward, lowering temperatures by as much as 15 degrees or more. This air will bring the temperatures down to the higher 80s and lower 90s, hot but more bearable than the 100-degree temperatures Americans have been experiencing.

The heat has caused infrastructure issues, such as the partial derailment of a Metro train in Prince George’s County, Maryland, resulting in the evacuation of 55 passengers. The heat is also responsible for over 30 deaths, including a 6-month-old Indianapolis girl who was left in a car in 105-degree weather. A 16-month-old girl, also in Indianapolis, was hospitalized after being left in a different car in the same weather.

Another weather pain has been system of storms that resulted in power outages across the East Coast, which was ironically caused by the same air that has lowered the temperatures.


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