Could Deceptive Airline Fees Make a Comeback?


Not too long ago, some airlines would offer a great online deal, but then reveal higher fees upon checkout. In 2012, the Department of Transportation cracked down on this practice. However there is now a bill in Congress that might undo this, reports Consumerist.

Some airlines have been fighting the Department of Transportation rule. Consequently, the Transparent Airfares Act (HR 4156) has surfaced.

The goal of this act would be to reverse the 2012 rule change, and allow airlines to advertise only part of the price consumers actually pay.

Says Consumerist, “The bill has been rushed through the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. It was moved through on April 9 by a voice vote, not preceded by any hearings or debates. estimates that the House has a 70% chance of passing it.”

However, don’t get too worried just yet. This bill has yet to become law. First, the bill must go through both the House and the Senate in order for it to receive approval. Only time will tell what the final outcome will be.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of the Transparent Airfares Act becoming a law?

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